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 My LV Inspection fun.

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PostSubject: My LV Inspection fun.   September 8th 2011, 4:21 pm

Thought I would share this on here too.

Even though it is according to the law and even SGI regime on their FAQ about car modification, legal to have a Nitrous System. One of the reasons I failed with no bottle in the car, was for having a Nitrous system installed. With no bottle it's not anything at all? Maybe you could argue it's an additional fuel system at that point, But that's also not illegal.

My safety form just reads at the bottom. "Vehicle has Nitrous hoses, and Solenoids on engine"

To which I discussed it with the shop, who were really good about it, they even said they would call their contact at SGI. But said they were told not to pass vehicles with Nitrous.

I'm a little confused, I called SGI trying to get a of somebody there to tell me how it could be fail to be "Nitrous Ready" But otherwise it went pretty well, failed for the 2 things I knew it would.
-Ripped CV boot,
-rear discs are grooved.
UPS dropped these off yesterday evening.

-Nitrous Solenoids and lines
-Failed for control arm bushings (great excuse to upgrade!) Smile
-Hand brake warning light (my own fault I had the push button locked down) already fixed
-Rear Calipers leaking....But not actually, I just changed them the night before and they were wet from brake fluid and WD-40, just need to be sprayed off with Brake Kleen Smile
-Heater Control no working in Setting 4 (already fixed)

So not too bad, nothing about or the exhaust system or being lowered but did mention an Alignment (they actually did my alignment less then a year ago, but whatever after bushings and a CV axle, it will need it again I'm sure),

Only thing that is a bit WTF do I do, is the Nitrous System...How much do I have to remove before it's officially removed? Just the Solenoids? Solenoids, lines and fogger? Wiring too?...No idea, and frankly stupid since it's not illegal. It's like SGI saying, you can't pass an inspection with a Red car. It's not illegal but that's what we feel like doing.


Talked to Brent at SGI Standards. Bit of a total and complete douche bag, but whatever we worked it out. It's all stock hard fuel lines under the car, and I Tee'd into the 10" or rubber line that connects hard line on the firewall to fuel rail and allows for motor flex. He said remove that T and install a new piece of rubber hose and since that will effectively return the fuel system to stock, he's happy with that.

$2 in High Pressure fuel hose and 5 mins of time, yaa!

I ordered Golf R32 bushings for my Control Arms, really it's those that I'm worried won't be here in time for me to repair and make my police date...
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My LV Inspection fun.
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